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Palestine Air & Heat, LLC, is proud to be Palestine, TX’s, complete HVAC company. Offering a comprehensive range of residential and commercial heating, air conditioning, and ventilation services, we help keep your space comfortable, no matter the season. Owner Paul has built an expert, trustworthy team dedicated to delivering you with the high-quality service you deserve.

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The community of Palestine, TX, is our home. We serve our local friends and neighbors with genuine care. Our business was built on the virtue of good honest work. We display the customer-oriented spirit of a business that would never sell someone something they do not need. Through it all, our goal is to get the job done right — on budget and on time.

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How often should I change my filters?

Alot depends if you have animals living in the house. Normal routine change can be done quarterly if there is not alot of activity in the home and no pets. If there are pets in the home, monthly is best. Changing your filter can prolong the life of your system and help avoid issues.

What type of filters should I use?

We sell the Merv 7 pleated filters in our offices. We sell by the case of 12 or singles. By the case is by far the most economical. Our prices will always beat retail stores.

How often should I have my system serviced?

If you have a new system that is still under warranty, it is important to have the system serviced once a year to maintain warranty. If you have an older system, have it checked pre-summer and pre-winter.

Why is my energy bill so expensive in the winter?

If you have a Heat Pump, be sure that your outdoor unit is running, if it is not running properly, your system will switch to emergency heat and that pulls more amps. Also again, be sure that filter is not dirty or clogged

Any routine maintenance I can do?

Be sure to have clean filters. Take a water hose to your outdoor unit at least twice a year, starting at the top, rinse the outdoor fins around the unit, this takes the dust and dirt off and allows the unit to run more efficiently

Can I pay my invoice online?

That is totally possible if you allow us to email your invoice, saves you time and no waiting for invoice.

Do you finance your systems?

We do not, but have an arrangement with a local Bank, we give them your name and phone number and they take care of everything!

What is the best temperature to leave my thermostat on?

There is no good answer for this, it is definitely up to the individual household. Find a comfortable temperature and stay in that range.

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